Avoid Difficult Waters

Avoid Difficult Waters

Probate is a Problem You Can Avoid.

Central Park Law, PLLC has been helping Michigan residents save money and avoid Probate for almost 20 years.  Don’t force your children to jump through the legal hoops created by the Probate Court process.  It is unnecessary.  Estate Planning with a Revocable Living Trust is the easiest, most cost effective way of protecting your legacy.

Many people think having a will avoids Probate.

That is False.

In fact, will is simply a set of instructions for the Probate Court to follow. If you own assets in your own name alone when you die, your estate WILL go to Probate.

There is no reason anyone’s estate should have to go through Probate after they die.  With proper planning the time, expense and hassle of Probate can be avoided.

There are several reasons to avoid Probate in Michigan.

  1. It is expensive.  The typical Probate costs twice as much as proper estate planning.
  2. It takes a long time.  Probate takes at least six months and usually takes a year or more.
  3. You lose control.  The Probate Court decides when and how assets are distributed.
  4. You could lose your home.  If you are on Medicaid the State can take your home.

Revocable Living Trust you can avoid the expenses and hassles of Probate.

  • You control when and how assets are distributed.
  • You save thousands in attorney fees and court costs.
  • Your assets are distributed quickly and easily after your death.
  • Your home will be protected from the Michigan Medicaid Recovery Act.

At Central Park Law Estate Planning is quick, easy and painless.  

We help you every step of the way.