Having Children?


You Know You Need An Estate Plan…  

Just Do It.

Most people with young children know that they need an estate plan to protect their children’s future...

But just haven’t “gotten around” to it yet.

That’s a problem.


Proper estate planning is the only way for YOU to decide who will become your child’s guardian.

Without an estate plan, the court will decide who gets your children, plain and simple.

Think about it: You may love your mother-in-law, but is she really who you want raising your kids?                                              

(That’s just one example.   For the record, we think mother’s-in-law are great.)

When you create your estate plan at Central Park Law, you get a Trust that assures your children’s financial futures are secure, Wills to legally appoint the guardian you want, powers of attorney and living wills that your spouse and children will need to take care of you in an emergency.

We only provide complete plans to meet ALL of your, and your children's needs.

At Central Park Law estate planning is quick, easy and painless.  

We help you every step of the way.